About The Series

The Author's first book is titled, Sleep, Tiny Dreamer. It is a sweet bedtime story inspiring children to reach for the stars to become whatever they want to be.

The Author's second book is titled What is a Dream?. This book introduces the main characters, Ari and her talking dog, Pepper. Ari describes to Pepper what dreams are, and reveals the magic formula to create a dream in the whimsical bedtime story that explores the 5 senses.

In the remaining 7 books, titled Let's Go Dreaming, Ari and Pepper go on adventures in their dreams, traveling to exciting places, meeting new friends, and learning important lessons about friendship, acceptance, bullying, individuals with special needs, and creativity.

Recently, the author has begun bringing her stories to life by performing her books to children in her local community. The author narrates, while actors perform! Please feel free to contact us for more information and visit the "Events" tab for updates on the next performance and Book Signing. 

Below is the heartwarming video that Shanita created, which documented her revealing to her family that she's an author!